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Cambridge Street in Little Sicily, Chicago.
Locals called it Little Hell.

It was the Roaring Twenties.
Crooked cops and dirty politicians ran the city.
Bootleggers, mobsters, pimps and murderers thrived.

Immerse yourself in the saga of a young immigrant family.

See the world through their eyes. Walk the streets of 1920s Chicago with them; rise and fall with their triumphs and failures.  You will not soon forget them.

 Book excerpt: “Well, here it is everyone: We can no longer feed the family. Taxes take what little money we have left; Our government is corrupt and criminals run the country. We have no choice but to split the family.

  Some of us must go to live in America.”

With those words, the lifetime journey that would take the young family from the sun-drenched hills of Sicily to the frozen, squalid streets of Chicago began.

They could not have dreamed of what their new lives held in store.

“Cambridge Street is a realistic and thought-provoking glimpse of the great immigrant story that is the United States.
I absolutely love this book.”